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March 15, 2018

Hey hey beautiful people,

Welcome to The Mental Health Academy’s Resources Site where we will be providing resources that will help you in your journey to create impactful, sustainable and human centred innovations in the mental health space in Africa.

The Mental Health Academy is an incubator project by award winning mental health consultant, Sitawa Wafula, who has worked in the space for over 8 years and is using her vast wealth of knowledge and experience to develop the next generation of mental health champions in Africa.

This being a welcome note, we will give you a quick tour round our site so that you know what to expect, then let you be;
  1. Glossary - Some Quick Definitions and Reading Lists, Collection of mental health narratives and innovations from across the continent as well as Global Actions and Conversations around mental health
  2. Keep up with our champions - Get updates of events, activities, projects and a lot of things that other champions are up to.
  3. Funding and other resources - linkages to funding opportunities, skill sharing platforms, networks and co-working spaces to look into.
  4. Mental health crisis lines and support groups across Africa -  Get a list of mental health crisis lines/alcohol & drug abuse + Mental health support groups across Africa 
  5. Events - Be in the know of events by the Academy, its fellows and partners
  6. Suicide -  Articles, events and programs on suicide
  7. Self Care -  Tips on how to navigate between making impact and taking care of yourself (and your team)
  8. Books & Movies - A collection of books, blogs, movies and documentaries on mental health
  9. Store - Cop yourself something from our store which aims to promote self care and create mental health awareness through merchandise.

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Also read through ‘Sparking a mental health revolution in Africa through an Academy’ a 3 part series that explains;  
Part 1 - The Status Quo (why we need a mental health revolution in Africa),
Part 2 - How to do it (how to spark a mental health revolution)
and Part 3 - The Academy (the role The Mental Health Academy is playing)

Sending love and light,
The Mental Health Academy

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