Upcoming events - April 2018: Exhibition on suicide and free workshop on crowdfunding

April 16, 2018

I would like to share some upcoming events but before I do, allow me to take you back to some of our fav events in March. 

1. Self care and mental health basics workshop at Slum Code Innovators Hub

2. 3 day onsite TMHA (The Mental Health Academy) Accelerator* for one of our partner organizations - Youth on the Move (YOTM) - that works with young people living with epilepsy.

 Session with Youth on the Move

Here is some feedback from one of the participants;

Until you experience someone giving life to your dream, it always sounds good. Now I feel I can achieve a lot more. I am more aware of my potential. Story telling was the magical thing that brought life to my dreams. I am glad I took this opportunity- Brenda Jepkorir, family counseling for people living with epilepsy

*If you would like to learn more about the TMHA Accelerator and/or having sessions on selected topics from design thinking, self care, goal setting among others, read this

Upcoming events that might be of interest;

1. Out of this Life

A photo exhibition that looks at suicide in Kenya through a group of images based on true and deep stories from different points of the country. Starting from the actual experiences of people who tried to die by suicide, or who lost a loved one due to suicide, Patricia Esteve has created photos which lead us to an emotional level of understanding, and help us to put ourselves in the place of the other, leaving any possible prejudice behind us. 

The project was done with support from Mental Health Advocate, Sitawa Wafula and made possible by collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Kenya and the Spanish Cooperation.

The Exhibition officially opens on Thursday 19th April, 6pm at The Kenya Cultural Centre - Kenya National Theatre and will be open to the public from 20th April - 27th April 2018 at the same venue from 10am - 6pm. 

Update: the event is covered in Episode 4 of the Life of a Mental Health Consultant series...below is a text from someone who attended the exhibition

2. Learn how to crowd fund 

Mchanga - Kenya’s online fundraising platform -  will be hosting a free workshop for anyone looking to raise funds for their ventures. You can register here 

Event Advert:

M-Changa and the Kijiji have partnered to run this info session on how you can fundraise the capital you need to set up or grow your business. We will walk you through how to tell your story, how to build a crowd that's excited about your product/service, how to set up a campaign through the M-Changa fundraising canvas. You will walk away with the skills to set up your own crowdfunding campaign. There will be a second session where you can be part of a safe and supportive space to kickstart your crowdfunding campaign. Everyone who registers for the info session will receive information about how to sign up for the second session.

Update: Grab the poster above with of things to consider when trying out a crowdfunding as shared by Sitawa Wafula when speaking about her experience crowdfunding for her Akili ni Mali (Swahili for Mind is Wealth) Mental Health storytelling tour that saw her visit 6 counties in Kenya and 6 states in Nigeria.

If you would like to learn how to use stories for crowdfunding or healing/advocacy or need some help in setting up a crowdfunding campaign, comment below. Also check out our funding page for more opportunities and resources

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