Class Zero Catch up; Lessons, Impact & Challenges

May 28, 2018

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Hope you are doing well.

It has been busy busy here at The Academy; we are recruiting for the June Class (have you applied) and doing a lot of behind the scenes work to set everything for the new class - which will be getting loads of goodies (Peep into their calendar) based on lessons learnt from the pilot class aka Class Zero.

Speaking of Class Zero, I hosted some of the fellows last Friday at our new home; The Kijiji - 3 African countries were represented; Kenya, DR Congo and Nigeria (via Skype). 

If you read our first 100 days post - and info pack on our website - you are in the know of how TMHA 'performed' in its first 100 days including the challenges it faced. During the catch up, the fellows (7/11 -  4 could not make it) shared their projects, the impact they had started making, some of the challenges they have faced as well as their plans for the next 3 months and the type of support they need going forward.

If you would like to see how our first ever session looked like, watch the 3min video below

Some of their challenges
- Reality check ::: When doing the accelerator, the fellows had some assumptions but after doing their research and being in the real world, reality hit them and some had to either change their project delivery or delay some aspects of their projects.
- Health (PS::: The Academy had trained 17 champions in different sessions and 6 of them dropped out due to ill health; theirs or those they are caregivers to, so we are working with 11 and of the 11,there are some with lived mental health conditions and sometimes it catches up...that is why self care is one of our core pillars
- Making a living ::: A lot of the fellows are yet to start cashing in on their projects and so they are balancing work/school and the project and sometimes the former takes the upper hand but it is really amazing to see how they are committed despite this challenge.
- Language barriers - Some of the groups were not very conversant with English and sharing content in Swahili is challenging for some of the fellows (mental note - we need a lot more content in Swahili and other local languages - love that Winnie did an interview - see below -  that was published in Swahili)
- Dropping out by some of the people who had agreed to work with them which cause delays in their projects

Because of how open Winnie has been about her journey with self esteem and depression, she got an interview with Nia Teen.

Winnie featured on Nia Teen Magazine

- Sarah's first blog post was read by over 300 people, 6 of them went ahead to share their mental health journeys with her and 1 went a little farther and started therapy (go on and subscribe to the blog...she just dropped her 3rd post)
- Njeri's Naked Souls event hosted 45 people and she had a few psychologists looking to work with her in the project
- Samoina hosted her first tweetchat and has her second one scheduled for this sure to follow her on twitter and participate

Lessons mentioned over and over
- Seeing the power of sharing their journeys with others -  another one of our core pillars; storytelling
- Research, Research, Research; know your audience

Special Thanks (to people who have offered);
1. Equipment for the importance of therapy shoot - Sandra and Enock
2. Venues - The Kijiji for the importance of therapy shoot and Creatives Garage for venue and snacks for Naked Souls,
3. Therapists who have worked with the fellows

I will not share what they are working on in the next three months but will ask that you follow our social media pages - twitter and instagram - and subscribe to our newsletter which will be coming to you every 1st & 3rd Monday to be in the know.

side note:::
Applications for the June class are open until 7th June, 2018 -  if you have been seriously considering joining the academy now is the time to do so...class begins on 15th June, 2018.

As a quick update -  The day after our catch up; Anita did her shoot on the importance of therapy that featured a therapist (Wairimu - a fellow fellow) and someone who has gone through therapy...will definitely share it once editing is done

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