Naked Souls - A safe space for creatives to discuss mental health

May 14, 2018

Good morning beautiful people,

Hope you had a lovely weekend (and Mother's Day),

I mention Mother's Day because I am on a PROUD MAMA HIGH!!! My current 'babies' -  I have been a mama since my poetry days way back when - are doing amazing things in the mental health space in Africa. The one I would like to highlight today is Njeri (follow her on Twitter and IG) who hosted her safe space for creatives to talk things mental health on Thursday.

The event dubbed Naked Souls was hosted at Creatives Garage - a collective space for creatives to network - and saw the Chief Mechanic there (CEO) - Liz Kilili and Rix Poet of Fatuma's Voice share their journeys as creatives and the mental health struggles they have experienced along the way.

The panel: Rix Poet, Njeri  (host/moderator) and Liz Kilili

The event began with some TED talks on mental health before everyone settled in.

It was amazing to have these two 'big wigs' - do people still use that phrase - in the creative space in Kenya, openly share their mental health journeys and some of the things that have helped them along their journeys, including the place of their art in their healing journeys;

What was even more amazing is how the crowd -  45 people came through - openly shared their own journeys

and how - based on their experiences - they openly answered the host's questions and those asked from the floor...there were at least 3 psychologists in attendance (which was really amazing) to make sure proper information was shared.

Additional topics shared include - How to know if you are going through depression and why people go (or do not go) for therapy;

Event closing activity

...and after all that 'amazement', the crowd still stuck around even after the event was over to keep the conversations going.

I am really excited about the impact the fellows have made so far and look forward to sharing even more of their work. To keep up with us on twitterinstagram and our bi-monthly newsletter.

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