...and our June 2018 fellows are...

June 18, 2018

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Hope you are well (and keeping warm if you are in Nairobi).

It has been application and selection season here at TMHA and we are ready to announce our June 2018 fellows.

Before you meet them, a little behind the scenes sneak peak.

We opened up applications for 6 weeks (Beginning of May - June 7th) and unlike the pilot class, we did not just email those who had once asked for mentorship but we used  some of our networks and asked our pilot class to share images of testimonials which we used on social media. There were;
-  a number of inquiries and zoom meet ups with potential fellows,
- 40 completed applications from 7 African countries (and US).
- 13 people selected to be part of our Class One.

Interesting note, more women than men applied.

....drums rolls please...

..and our June 2018 fellows are...

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