My Mind My Funk Radio Show - Month 1 Omnibus

August 06, 2018

Good morning beautiful people,

It has been 2 months since I began hosting my radio show - My Mind My Funk - which demystifies mental health in Africa by bringing these much needed but tabooed conversations to the forefront. On the show, I have conversations with Africans - from all walks of life - about their mental health journeys, challenges faced and how they are taking care of themselves and those around them as I play some amazing tunes from the continent.

During this first month, I spent a chunk of the time;
  • learning 'the tables' -  what buttons to press and which ones not to touch, 
  • getting guests, calling/meeting them to brief them as I learnt more about their journeys, 
  • hosting the show - with is a lot of multitasking; pressing buttons, having conversations with the guest on and off air, looking through my playlist and seeing what songs are coming up and how to introduce them...that's me saying in so many words, be gentle when you listen to this first lot of episode...for your information, the pauses are my-near-panic-moments when i forget what buttons to press 
  • and editing the live shows for the podcast

I have finally gotten the groove of things and would like to catch you up on the shows I have already done, by doing two omnibus posts with 4 shows per post. 

The live recording happens on Wednesdays from 11-1pm EAT on Asylum Radio...put that in your diary. If you missed any of the first 4 episodes, this post has you covered. As you listen, feel free to share your thoughts using the hashtag #MyMindMyFunk on social media or tag @TMHAbySitawa on Twitter or Instagram.

Asylum Radio owner - and breakfast show host - Brenda Obath shares her mental health journey with two consecutive mental health diagnosis, employment and relationship challenges people with mental health diagnosis face and the self care tips she uses as she runs her radio station and takes care of her baby.

Catch Brenda on her breakfast show - Breakfast and Everything with Miss B (#BAEwithB), every Mon - Thur, 8-11am EAT on Asylum Radio and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @MissObath

Nairobi based social worker, George Mugo, shares his transition from working as a logistician to helping people who end up on the streets due to substance induced mental health conditions get admission to the national referral mental health hospital - and get NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) cards - and reconcile with their families.

We also talk marijuana/weed - to legalize or not to legalize - and khat/miraa as well as his annual mental health awareness walk in different parts of Kenya.

Learn more about George's organization - Social Life Coordinating Organization and connect with him on Linkedin

EPISODE 3::: Love yourself; that is the first step to recovery (with Samuel Boiyo)

Businessman Samuel Boiyo takes us back to the onset of his mental health journey and how those early incidents led him to not only drop out of school but also get arrested, twice, and spend 8 months in a mental health institution while awaiting his forensic report.

We also discuss the disconnect between the judicial system and mental health and Samuel shares some of the ways he is taking care of himself and his family as he gives tips to people living with mental health conditions that are looking to start families.

EPISODE 4:::  All wounds need air to heal (with Onyango Otieno aka Rix Poet)

Co-founder of Fatuma's Voice- one of Kenya's biggest social conscious art collectives - Onyango 'Rix Poet' Otieno , shares how unchecked childhood trauma led to a near suicide attempt and how he used poetry and social media to not only acknowledge and accept that something was wrong but also provide a space for himself and others to openly discuss about mental health.

On the show, we also discuss the Sylvia Plath effect, need for local African names for mental health conditions and if social media the best way to share what we are going through. 

Get a copy of Rix Poet's book Touring my Mind, Learn more about Fatuma's Voice, Follow Rix Poet on Twitter and Instagram @RixPoet

Watch out for an omnibus with the next 4 shows, be sure to use #mymindmyfunk to let me know you are listening to the live show or the podcast.

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